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Is the magic still there? Adforum 2014

28.03.2014 | 11:45

BGN 303 million is the net revenue from advertising in Bulgaria in 2013 година. The market remains stable compared to 2012 (-0.62%), and in case of favourable trends, a growth by up to 2% is expected in 2014.

This is the assessment of the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies (BACA), presented by its chairperson Krassimir Guergov at the Advertising Forum this year.  

The TV advertising holds still the highest market share - BGN 185 million with growth by 2.5%. The information campaign for TV digitalization and the budgets for public procurements and EU projects were the key drivers for the advertising revenue.  

In 2013 outdoor advertising marked a gross growth by 2.3% with net revenue of BGN 38 million, while the print advertising  marked a decrease by 5% (up to about BGN 40 million.), and radio advertising - by 3.3% (up to BGN 15 million).

According to BACA's data the net revenues from internet advertising showed the highest decrease - by 16.9% compared to 2012, i.e. the websites attracted BGN 20 million. This summary, however, does not include advertising in Google and Facebook.

„Actually Internet advertising has not decreased - it has increased but in another location - in Google and Facebook", said Guergov. In his opinion this trend will grow in the course of time. Bulgarian media, however, do not benefit of that type of advertising.  

Mobile advertising, which comes through the mobile devices - smart phones and tablets, as a communication channel, gains the lead among all the others.

The general trend, according to the chairperson of BACA, is that the advertising revenues will keep the same level in the current year or will show a slight increase by 2%. Probably this will be due to the elections in May, and possibly there will be other elections later, said Guergov.